How to cook pierogi & cinnamon buns 


Making Pierogi is easy as.  
Important Tips:
Do not defrost pierogi prior to boiling.
Do not pre boil water in a kettle, bring to boil on stove top.
Boil Pierogi
Step 1: boil a pot of water and add a dash of salt and oil. Once water is boiling reduce temperature setting to medium/ high if necessary. 

Step 2: add frozen pierogi to boiling water and give a gentle stir. 
Pierogi will start to float to the top of the water.

Step 3: Strain pierogi and add oil or butter to frying pan. Remember, butter will burn at a high frying temperature. We suggest using oil first and add butter to finish. Brown and crisp pierogi to your liking. 
Fry & Enjoy
Garnish with salt, dill, or chives.
Serve with pickles, sour cream, chutney, relish, sautéed onions. 
Add a kransky, streaky bacon, salad, sauerkraut, fried egg or any other side dish that suits the dish.  

Cinnamon buns 
Bake on 180C for 35 mins approximately 
Dollop on cream cheese icing enjoy
If you want to save some of the 6 pack, use a freezer friendly zip lock or tupperwear and pop into the freezer. Fully defrost before baking. 

Enjoy! Don't forget to take a snap of your pierogi dish and tag us on socials #pierogijoint @pierogijoint